Turquoise jewelry just oozes summer!

Turquoise jewelry just oozes summer!

Turquoise jewelry just oozes summer! Just to get you inspired, lots and lots of turquoise jewelry in this blog.

Turquoise has that ability to recharge our spirits. Somehow it reminds you of blue skies, tropical seas. And perhaps, when you live in Europe, it's Ibiza that springs to your mind, whilst in the U.S, the term Bohemian and gypsy gives people an instant feel of holiday and freedom.

Some say that this is the color that helps when you endure mental stress and tiredness. Even claiming it helps to combat the feelings of loneliness.

We all love that color- the vibrant, happy cross between blue and green that brings our favorite shade: turquoise! But sometimes when buying jewelry, do you ever look at a piece and think, is this real? What is real turquoise?

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