About the Brand

Founded in 2017, Mestra is an emerging designer jewelry and accessories brand, based in Singapore delivering a curated collection of artful and well-designed jewelry ranging from classics to trendy contemporary designs each with distinguished stories to narrate.

At Mestra, we understand that no two women’s fashion tastes are alike. Which is why we constantly strive to offer exclusive and unidentical pieces to maintain the uniqueness in one’s personality.


                                 Mestra strongly believes that “Jewelry is a very personal thing…it should tell a story about the person who is wearing it “.

We believe that today’s modern and confident women recognizes the importance of the wearing the perfect jewelry at all times, to feel and look good and let people know what is your story of that moment.

                                                                                              “People will stare, make it worth their while”!

Mestra intends to launch new and exclusive designs rarely or never seen, into her collections every year. The brand aims to be the leading online jewelry platform supporting and encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship among its local and regional designers by promoting their rare and ingenious products to a larger audience.

Our Products & Collections:

 Mestra Classics  offer you a wide variety of jewelry, all handselected from all around the world just for you ,embedded with different stones,different plating ,each one having a distinguished story to narrate.

We offer 100% genuine, original jewelry, most of it set in 925 sterling silver with Rhodium, Gold-white /yellow/rose plating, intricated with high quality Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski and Turquoise stones and hand set Murano Glass.

All our jewelry are unique pieces featuring high quality workmanship made with premium materials.

Dazzlure Collection:

Stylish and sophisticated, the Dazzlure Collection tempts one and all!

The Dazzlure Collection is a breath-taking collection of statement pieces featuring authentic 925 sterling silver with high quality cubic zirconia and gemstones with rose gold or rhodium plating, handcrafted to excellence.

Mestra's signature pieces will certainly leave a dazzling and alluring effect on others.

Due to the shining nature of these beautiful stones, slight variations of color are possible from what is seen in the images.

Exquisites Collection:

Being Bold & Beautiful is not for everyone… some women would rather Be Exquisite.

Famed for our innovative and exquisite jewellery, the Exquisites Collection comprises a wide array of authentic Murano Glass jewellery and meaningfully conceptualized designer Glass watches, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit – be it night or day!

A colorful collection of trendy and unique statement pieces, is sure to become an essential part of today's woman’s life! 

All our Exquisites Collection are unique pieces featuring high quality workmanship and the most famous Murano technique-Millefori-a thousand flowers.As all pieces are handmade ,no two pieces are identical .

Because each item is a unique work of art and handmade, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible from what is seen in the images.

 Cutie-Pie Collection:

Well, who’s to say jewellery is only for women? What about tweens?

Introducing the Cutie Pie Collection!!!The first ever collection for Tweens!

We bring to you bling-tastic collection of stunning jewelry for aspiring fashionistas! Exclusively for young girls-the tweens and teens- the Cutie Pie Collection offers high quality 925 Sterling Silver which is 100% safe and free from lead, nickel, and cadmium.

We use only gold and silver plating on our jewelry, as its most gentle on your child’s sensitive skin. All our products are crafted to be top quality!

Because your little princess deserves it!  

This collection comprises an impressive range of sparkly bracelets and adorable earrings, in turn creating an ultimate selection of never-seen-before, irresistible accessories for all young girls out there!

Fashion For A Cause:

Besides our exclusive fine jewelry, Mestra believes doing her part in supporting the community.

The brand’s collection strongly endorses “Fashion for a Cause” The brand intends to raise awareness among the people in the society , to spread and share the story of Faith ,Hope and Love of those who brave these critical illnesses.

Show your support by wearing jewelry for a cause and make a difference today!

          Alongside placing emphasis on uniqueness and design excellence, we are also relentlessly dedicated to maintaining impeccable customer satisfaction.

                                                                   We offer 100% genuine and original products. Duplicity is what we hate!